Google Translate for Android- Realtime Translation of any Language Conversation

translateGoogle Translate steps much closer to real time voice translation for multiple languages, with the release of updated version for “Google Translate” app for Android.

Google unveils the very first publicly available prototype of its ‘Conversation Mode‘ for Google Translate on Android. Google Translate supports over 50 languages, multiple scripts, including Japanese, Chinese, etc., and almost instantly translates full websites and URLs. However, Voice translation is limited to some Top popular languages.

Now android You can navigate using voice and even speak to find destinations on Google Maps for Android. In fact, the Google Translate service already lets you input words via voice for translating (for 15 languages), rather than having to type them. But the new Conversation mode works differently, in that it receives the voice input in one language and outputs it in another in real time. Google already demonstrated it at the IFA last year and it worked, more or less, quite well.

The translator is in alpha stages, and would make mistakes, especially if people talk too fast, have heavy accents, or if there’s background noise.

At the time of writing (Jan’11) real time voice translating only works for English to and from Spanish, with no other languages supported. But the support is coming anytime soon.

This is the most powerful Realtime/ Live translation tool we’ve seen so far, and has huge potential. Imagine being able to communicate instantly with other people in over 50 languages as long as you have an Android smartphone with you. Travelers, start talking.

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