Mac-Clone Psystar loses Heavily to Apple

If you are a hackintosh [OSx86] fan, you probably heard of Psystar, the company that openly allowed what Apple strictly prohibits – “Installation of Mac OS X on PC“. Though, there are large no. of projects that lets user do that, but this company made it a Official Business and stood bravely against Apple.

They’re best known for frequently getting into legal hot water with Apple over everything from trademarks to copyrights to selling Apple’s OS X operating on non-Apple computers. Apple just took Psystar back to basics on that last issue, winning summary judgment in a California court on copyright violations and Digital Millennium Copyright Act Violations.

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The exact story: Psystar bought one copy of OS X and loaded it onto a Mac Mini. They then transferred it from the Mini to a non-Apple computer, where they modified the kernel so it would run on the computers they sell. Psystar argued that they were allowed to sell their (legally-purchased) copy of OS X, but, Unfortunately, the court recognized that the copies made from the Mini and the second, non-Apple machine weren’t made legally. Advantage goes to Apple.

Judgment in Apple’s favor means Psystar will likely have to pay damages at minimum. This could easily sink them to negative numbers. What do you learn from this ? Don’t mess around with licensing agreements, especially Apple’s.

[via groklaw]

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