Million Pixel Education Aid concept

There are lots of agencies which help the needy students grow in their hard times. But sometimes when the students don’t get it what they wanted, they have to jump into the market and look for new ideas that could aid them. You should have heard about the MillionDollarHomePage most likely already as it was the 3rd fastest growing site on Alexa’s index.

Alex Tew, a 21 year old student from the UK launched a page called He sold 1 pixel block banners for $1. He has 1,000,000 pixels available. On September 22nd when BBC News reported about the million dollar homepage, he was at $74,000. His sales more than doubled in less than 6 days. That guy made Million$ for his studies, sounds ridiculous.

But this blog is not to discuss about that guy. Rather this one is to help a more genuine person (David, a.k.a Dovidas) who is from a poor background and needs our help. He is pursuing his graduation from Vilniaus university.

His page MillionPixelsTwitterpage seems promising for people who are looking for advertising cum aid. The fact comes from the proof that he has sold 2800 pixels in the very first week. And currently near 4k sold.
The good thing to note here is, he is not here to make money, that’s why he is selling it for $0.1 per pixel and available size options are bountiful will fit ocket for most of us.

This is another good oppourtunity for advertisers. I see multiple corporate advertisers already on his site and future is all open to you.

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