Modern Combat 3 Android Review, Gameplay

Game developers initially struggled to bring “real” gaming experiences to smartphone, but now we actually see some First person shooter doing well on iOS & Android smartphones, Tablets.

The traditional first-person shooter genre finally looks to have matured on the mobile platforms and Modern Combat 3, among the best we’ve ever seen on any mobile platform.

(click on images for fullsize screenshot from 720p HD Android phone)

modern combat 3

Modern Combat 3 Fallen Nation and Frontline Commando arrived on Android, after being released on iOS. Definitely these games raise the bar for smartphone shooters.

Gameloft’s Modern Combat 3 Fallen Nation ($6.99) brings the Call of Duty experience to Android phones with nearly a GB of game data download post-apk installation.

The storyline, thin as it is, follows that splinter extremist groups from North Korea, Pakistan and Russia have banded together to form the “KPR,” and somehow managed to take over a large swath of the United States. As a member of Phantom Squad, the player undertakes a variety of high-risk covert missions to help turn the tide.

mc3 android

Gameplay, Controls
Playing a FPS on mobile screen can be challenging. You would really need a large display like the one we used here was 5.3″ to make more room for controls and display. Overall, the controls are very sensitive but there is a lag that can make playing game a challenge in fast-aim-shooting scenarios. I think Gameloft understands this problem well, Touchscreens (~50-100ms) are not as fast as your joysticks or keyboards (~5ms) on desktops, and that’s why guns can auto-aim when your gun points close to the target.
We didn’t play much with controller settings, but we did get better results by reducing the sensitivity of controls. That way, we avoided overshooting the orientation.

modern combat 3 android

modern combat 3 fallen

What the game lacks in originality it makes up for in sheer quality. But make no mistake, MC3 is extremely derivative and offers up virtually nothing FPS fans haven’t seen before. The game runs off a proprietary Gameloft engine and looks absolutely fantastic. More importantly, on dual core phones, and tablets, the action remains fast and silky smooth throughout. When playing on an Hummingbird processor or equivalent single-core 1ghz, experience is distracting.

I’ve to admit, this game has the best Physics, motion graphics ever delivered to a game on a smartphone. For our tests, Galaxy Note gave us a good framerate with high detail. We presume game doesn’t run on phone’s native resolution (~ 1280×800) but the graphics were Rich and detailed to the degree we can expect it to deliver a Rich FPS experience.

fallen nations mc3

We tested the audio with out AudioTechnica M50 headphones. Audio effects in the game are realistic, the gun shots, the explosions, foot steps, everything was detailed to a level we can appreciate. The music and dialogues are clear and easy to distinguish. Audio did seem to use some sort of surround effect, like EAX that we’ve on desktops, but we can be wrong.

Official MC3 Trailer

Video: Modern Combat 3 Android Gameplay on Galaxy Note (1.4Ghz dual core, 1280×800 display)
Note: The video quality is no where near the actual quality of the game. Sorry for the injustice.

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