Most Sensitive Microphone: Identifies Direction of Gun Shot, Make/Model in Battles

How intelligent and sensitive can a Microphone (Mic) can get? Apart from its ability to hear the slightest sounds, can it filter out and identify a peculiar one?

Between the yelling of sergeants, the growling sounds of choppers, and the blasts of bullet, an obvious thing is soldier’s sense of hearing rapidly deteriorates. Microflown, a dutch company, has designed a special microphone that can do a soldier’s listening when he’s not capable of doing it.

This device is so accurate that it can measure the mechanical movement of individual air particles (in addition to sound waves), which makes the device capable of not only pinpoint the origin (in sense of direction in 3d space) of sniper fire or approaching aircraft, but detail-out their make and model, as well.

What makes is so Sensitive?

Most microphones use air vibrations to detect sound to a diaphragm, but microflown’s mic uses platinum strips only 600 atoms wide. Two pairs of strips are arranged in different directions, Air molecules passing between the strips cool the strips at different speeds depending on the direction of flow, and a computer then interprets that cooling as an exact x, y, and z source for the sound.

Sense of Direction is just one side of the story, it can also determine the pitch and character of the noise to distinguish between distant explosions, human screams, and chopper blades, destructions and gunshots.

Despite all the power, the mic is very small, of the order of match head which makes it possible for every soldier to carry it, giving them personal autonomy, or turning individual into a 3d radar.

The armies from Netherlands, Germany, India, Poland, New Zealand and Australia have agreed to test the device out. and would used in war times in future.

[via dvice]

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