Motorola Droid Review

Everything iThing doesn’t do, Droid does! That is the promotional key used by Verizon since a while to keep their customers excited.

The iPhone will soon see a challenge, with the launch of the Motorola Droid, and Verizon is all set to market the phone with a series of anti-iPhone attack ads titled Droid does!

The first ad rolled out recently, directly picking on the iPhone‘s most commonly-cited shortcomings: non-replaceable battery, lack of flash in camera, lack of a physical keyboard etc. The counter on the DroidDoes site appears to count down to October 30th, near the holiday season.

Update: Motorola Droid Vs. iPhone 3GS Features Comparison

Specifications: The Motorola Droid features a 5-megapixel camera (with a flash), runs Google Android 2.0, supports multi-tasking, includes both a physical keyboard and touch screen. The marketing campaign hits Apple at its core.

Motorola Droid

Here are they points to notice about droid:

  • Operating System (OS): New Android 2.0
  • Design: With just slightly thicker than an iPhone 3GS, it has the thinnest QWERTY-slider keyboard. dimensions are 60.00 x 115.80 x 13.70 mm which makes it handy with decent 169g weight.
  • Processor: Runs on TI OMAP3430 processor, which is actually pretty fast at 550Mhz ARM Cortex-A8.
  • Camera: Features 5Megapixel stills (with neon Flash) and VGA video recording (640×480)
  • Display: Great  capacitive display, among the best we`ve seen on android. It measures 3.7 inch with 854×480 resolution.
  • Battery: Features a decent Li-ion 1400mAh, 450 hours standby and talk time of 420 minutes
  • Keyboard: The QWERTY keyboard is actually pretty easy to use and handy having soft-touch rubber-synthetic.
  • State of the Art: Just like HTC came with a revolution for HTC Hero with sense UI, Droid brings best of Android 2.0. From what we know Google had a direct hands behind Motorola Droid.
  • Supported Formats: Supports WM formats which  iPhone doesn’t. All in all: MPEG-4, H263, H264, WMV; AMR-NB/WB, MP3, PCM / WAV, AAC, AAC +, eAAC +, WMA
  • A cradle charger  will ship with the Motorola Droid that turns your Droid into a multimedia station and displays local weather, the time, etc.
  • Yes, it will be better than Motorola Cliq, don’t even dare to compare them.
  • A great Google Android device on Verizon‘s top network could make a hit on the iPhone?  We will have to wait and see. Previously, similar claims with Blackberry Storm had no match for the iPhone. Though, what makes sense is the superior hardware capabilities of the Motorola Droid.

    Hands-on Pics:

    Overall Impressions

  • Google Nagivation is an incredible addition to the Android family and looks great.
  • The hardware is quite nice. The keyboard is spacious and easy to use.
  • There are none of the widgets that MotoBlur featured prominently including the Twitter widget that threatened to crash the phone.
  • The phone is very polished but the base of installed applications seems very sparse.
  • It has the best start-up sound in the whole world 😉
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