New Improved MeeGo Tablet

What happens to a product when it is scrapped right before it was given enough time to showcase its potential? Its underestimated, insulted and dropped by the industry. MeeGo is the best example, thanks to Nokia’s poor strategy for MeeGo, a linux based Open source mobile operating system.

Today’s announcement brought a new promise to MeeGo tablets. The announcement came from Tencent and Intel launching the new renewed vigour and Tencents dedication to bring games to MeeGo tablets.

China is a perfect breeding ground for MeeGo because of their new grown hatred for Android. The Chinese journalist confirm that the lack of marketplace support leaves a bad taste for consumers.

Meego Fair is the new Tablet hardware based on Oaktrail. Its a 10.1 inch tablet tat is just 1cm thick (10mm) powered by the Z670 1.50GHz processor and 1GB of RAM and 16GB and up SSD drive. It has all the stuff you would fin in a Honeycomb or iPad tablet : Micro SD, wifi, accelerometer, etc.

The best part of this Tablet is the all new UI that hates vertical stuff, and sports horizontal scroll to navigate among app widgets. Checkout the UI, you will be amazed with the number of improvements:

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