New PS3 Remote does more than WiiMote

As rumored earlier, next year, Sony is launching  a new controller for PS3 which will be much like Wii’s remote a.k.a WiiMote.

It might be known as  PS3 Motion Freedom 3D controller.

The basic design copies Wii’s flawless hand form-factor gadget. What’s better is the new 3D motion-sensing device  PS3-centric controls, ranging from the PlayStation’s signature cross, square, triangle, and circle buttons to the analog stick.

I wonder how literally one should take that. Talk about the ‘full 3-D motion sensing’ . How would one play an 3d action shooter with it? Ok you can get a look around but what about movements in straight line while shooting guns, and dropping bombs– 1 Hand can’t do that all. Anyways, we are not far from knowing.

According to Blaze, this hybrid concoction has been ergonomically designed and will give gamers complete control. It’s so-called Motion Freedom 3D Controller will open up “unthinkable gaming possibilities,” and let you “become one” with games like Sega Tennis and Tiger Woods Golf. The only problem is the lack of news on pricing and availability in the company’s press release, so there’s no telling when you can give it a go.

How to Connect Wii Remote (WiiMote) to PC, MAC, Ubuntu for Gaming, Applications

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