NXT SoundVu flat panel audio

Exploded view of a typical SoundVu model

SoundVu describes a DML product that combines a changeable, electronically generated image with a bending wave panel. The image can be directly emitted by the panel (front projection) or be visible through a bending wave panel (LCD / Plasma).
NXT’s SurfaceSound and SoundVu panels both operate according to distributed-mode principles, the defining difference between them being that SurfaceSound panels are opaque whereas SoundVu panels are transparent and are used in unison with visual displays. It is common in SoundVu applications to employ more than one exciter, allowing stereo or multichannel sound to be reproduced from a single panel.
A wide range of applications are possible for SoundVu, ranging in display size from a mobile phone to a 60-inch plasma television.
NXT’s SoundVu technology has the potential to transform the sound and vision experience. By enabling the display screen, or a transparent panel just in front of it, to generate sound, unsurpassed audio-visual locking is achievable. Sounds really do come from the screen, bringing a stunning level of realism to TV and film, and stereo is available even from a single panel.
A SoundVu-enabled TV (LCD, plasma or CRT) does away with the problem of where to place the bulky centre channel loudspeaker in a 5.1 surround system, making SoundVu the ultimate centre channel for home theatre audio.

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