Unlock Bootloader – OnePlus 5

A Bootloader is a little bit of code that tells your phone’s OS how to boot up. OEMs do this work to ensure that your phone is fully optimized, certified and tested on the version of Android which comes along with the phone. Unlocking your OnePlus 5 will open up a spectrum of possibilities on your phone.

Unlocking your phone and installing unrecognized software may cause the phone to stop working completely and turn it into a Brick. Unlocking can disable important features and functionality, and even make the device unsafe to the point of causing you harm.

Before you start, you need to make sure the following points have been taken care of:

  • Backup – A complete backup is advisable before we proceed with manipulation of your phone. Once we unlock Bootloader for OnePlus 5, it will wipe all the data on the device. Be it your personal data like photos, texts, or music etc. Better keep a copy of your data before going ahead with unlocking.
  • Battery – As the routine goes prior to flashing or unlocking exercise, you should keep your OnePlus 5 charged to 80% so that it can stand the procedure without running out of battery.
  • Enable USB Debugging – Mae sure you enable USB Debugging from here Settings (scroll to bottom) > About phone > Tap on Build number (scroll down) 7 times. You will become a ‘Developer’. Head onto Settings > Developer options > Enable USB debugging (tick). Later when the process is on, you make asked to ‘allow access’ to Computer connecting to your phone via USB.
  • Enable OEM Unlocking & Advanced Reboot – Go to Settings > Developer options again. Select the ‘OEM Unlocking’ (tick) option. Then go to Settings > Developer options, enable ‘Advanced Reboot’.

Now fire up your computer (Windows) and start Command Prompt by tying ‘cmd’ in the Run option in Start Menu. Once your Computer is running, you need to enter Fastboot Mode on your phone.

In order to enter Fastboot mode on OnePlus 5, Hold Volume Up + Power buttons simultaneously until you see the ‘Fastboot’ screen.

In case you have Advanced Reboot already activated as per steps mentioned above, you simply select Reboot from the power menu itself.

Ensure that you have relevant Fastboot and ADB drivers for OnePlus 5 installed on your computer. If not, you may download Universal ADB driver for Windows from here. Without this driver, your Computer may not detect the phone connected via USB and the whole exercise will go futile.

Now we have the OnePlus 5 in Fastboot mode and is connected to computer via USB. And Command Prompt window is already up and running on the Computer.

Type – fastboot devices

This will list out all the fastboot devices connected to your computer. At present there would be just one, your OnePlus phone. In case your phone is not listed, there is problem with driver installation on your computer and you need to re-install proper drivers before proceeding further. This si wher eyou 80% charged phone battery elongates the phone’s standby timing.

Type – fastboot oem unlock

Turn to your phone screen, it should show you Warning highlighting ‘Unlock Bootloader’. Now your should make a selection with volume button and press ‘Power’ button to confirm selection.

The phone will reboot into stock recovery and wipe all the phone data. Phone will again reboot to Oxygen OS. Now you’ve successfully unlocked Bootloader of your OnePlus 5.

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