Open Source Library for Geolocation, Location-aware Android Games

Gamification and Geolocation games are uber-cool. If you have played one among the two, you already count their importance.

Ingress is the most geeky and immersive location aware game created by Niantic labs (a Google company). Ingress proves that games when become location-aware, they can bring people across cultures and communities together to one place.


If you’re a Game developer and had been looking for Open source Libraries that could bring Geolocation-centric features, you’ve come to the right place. Xda developer Robyer has put together a framework / library that lets you easily integrate Geolocation centric features to your game.

The Library offers easy access and a base for puzzle, strategy games that revolve around maps, location. With the help of the Gamework library, you can easily create geolocation based games. The library has three parts:

  1. The core library itself
  2. UI / Game Front end
  3. Game scenario

Game scenario is nothing but the definition of game objects and logics. This is stored in xml files. The library currently supports single player games and has no enemies, AI to interpolate. That part is still at the mercy of the game developer. However, developer has plans to add such features in the near future.

The Gamework Library is available at Github under Apache v2 license.

For Game scenario, checkout ExampleGame/assets/example.xml and create your own Game service by inheriting GamerService class.

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