Oracle announces Virtualization-aware Java App Server

Oracle has unveiled Oracle Virtual Assembly Builder and Oracle WebLogic Suite Virtualization Option this week, a pair of new applications designed to simplify the deployment and management of Java applications in Virtualized environments.

Officially, this would be the First Application server which is Fully Virtualization-aware. As a result, the enterprises who crave for new tools to help simplify the administration of Java applications in virtualized environments would now have a sigh of relief.

The new apps marks Oracle‘s first Virtualization release since it’s acquisition of Sun microsystems.

“With these groundbreaking products, Oracle has made virtualization a reality for Java enterprise applications,” Steven Harris, a senior vice president of product development at Oracle, said in a statement. “With Oracle WebLogic Server running on JRockit Virtual Edition, we have eliminated the trade-off of server density and performance by bringing the world’s No. 1 application server to virtualized environments.”

Oracle Virtual Assembly Builder is designed to help organizations quickly and easily deploy multi-tier enterprise applications in virtualized environments. It enables administrators to easily connect appliances as pluggable building blocks, known as “assemblies”, which can be used to create multi-tier applications.

The framework is ideal for automatically capturing the configuration of software components.

WebLogic Suite Virtualization Option combines and optimizes Oracle’s WebLogic Server with JRockit Virtual Edition for virtualized datacenters to improve application performance.

Oracle touts “Oracle WebLogic Server with JRockit Virtual Edition” as the “world’s #1 application server”. Of course, the WebLogic application server has been optimized for virtualized environments thereby making efficient use of hardware.

Note: The only x86 server virtualization certified for all Oracle software, Oracle VM is available as a free download.

Why this is amazing: What is relatively more important is that Oracle WebLogic Server can now run directly on Oracle VM without an Operating system, a unique capability enabled by Oracle JRockit Virtual Edition.

In a virtualized environment, Oracle JRockit Virtual Edition handles essential operating system functions including TCP/IP, hardware device interaction, file I/O, and process scheduling, while freeing up hardware and management resources by removing operating system capabilities that are not essential for enterprise Java applications.

Definitely, this is a big deal for enterprises who earlier had hard time Virtualizing Java applications. Int he future when Oracle completes its plan for merging Java VMs, it would get even better.

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  • It was only a matter of time before someone developed this software. Apparently Oracle knew what they were doing when they acquired Sun Micro Systems. I can’t wait to get my hands on this software. Just gotta convince the higher ups it is necessary for our network :o.

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