Oracle packing up bags for serious HardCore Cloud computing?

-They bought the Best scalable hardware platform Sun SPARC. They got bundled most powerful OS: Solaris. -They got free, though Most powerful, development language: JAVA.

-They bought the best JAVA App server: BEA WebLogic.

-Then was acquisition for Grid Computing to middle-ware with the Application Grid approach to infrastructure.

And Now, they bought among the most feature-full Datacenter Virtualization product: Virtual Iron

Doesn’t this sound like a business plan?

You got the best Hardware and supplementing OS on the most popular platform. When all packed well, It creates  “Future of Database Data-centers”. This could be the first step. They could expand the scope to Virtualization of  complete Data-center, Live migration of virtual machines, Cloning Virtual-machines, Managing/Monitoring performance, Optimal use of power and load balancing over the clusters.

And most important, all this without without ANY Downtimes.

What I can conclude is “These are raw materials for the future of computing, yea, Cloud Computing

Though they already have Cloud solutions like RAC. But the new acquisitions blended well, can take it to the Next level of cloud computing.

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