Oracle SPARC T3 Performance Benchmarked, Record breaking transaction performance

Larry Ellison announced the launch of the SPARC Supercluster, a new high-performance enterprise computing system that couples the best of the server platforms: Sun’s SPARC processor architecture, Solaris operating system, and ZFS-based storage technology.

Oracle has achieved the highest database performance ever recorded —  Oracle on the SPARC Supercluster can perform 30 million database transactions per minute— which is atleast  3 times faster than previous record set by IBM’s DB2 on a P7 cluster.

The benchmark test system: The system is 108 SPARC T3 chips, which has total of 1,728 processor cores with 13TB of RAM, 246TB of flash storage, and 1.7 petabytes of storage capacity.

Ellison claims that Oracle has raised the bar with its improvements to Sun’s technology, putting its new SPARC-based offering in the lead, ahead of what IBM offers.Not just that, Supercluster’s price-to-performance ratio beats IBM’s best by atleast 27 percent.

Ellison claims to make Oracle “Apple of the server world”, tightly-integrated hardware and software. Oracle is rolling out the pre-integrated stack  called “Gold Standard Service”.  However, he didn’t ditch Linux, and appreciated its importance for Oracle’s software business, as they commit support (its own) Red Hat-based Linux platform.

Benchmark Results:

Achieving 30,249,688 transactions per minute (tpmC) with a price/performance of $1.01/tpmC, the winning SPARC Supercluster with SPARC T3-4 servers consisted of 27 SPARC T3-4 servers with flash storage technology using Sun Storage F5100 Flash Arrays.

Oracle Real Application Clusters allowed the SPARC Supercluster with SPARC T3-4 servers to scale performance by nearly 3 times compared to the highest level ever recorded with the TPC-C benchmark while ensuring high availability and better response times(3). Oracle Real Application Clusters is in production use at thousands of customers, enabling transparent scaling of real-world business applications.

Oracle’s benchmarks are available on the official website, from what I can conclude, it all looks like a big achievement.

Solaris 11

Soalris 11 will get new features and optimizations (specifically for virtualization). There will be some optimizations for flash storage, coz till date most apps have not utilized the true capability.

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