Oracle-Sun Merger

Oracle sunThe long going controversy over the MySQL objection raised by EU finally seems to settle down. Previously, MySQL Founder and EU wanted Oracle to sell MySQL. Now, things have started to favor Oracle for good.

Oracle announced on Thursday that it had received regulatory approval from the European Commission for its acquisition of Sun Microsystems, Inc. Oracle expects close the transaction soon for it’s Sun-Oracle merger.

Well, The Biggest Tech Acquisition of 2009 [worth $7.5 Billon] will see Merger in Q1 2010.

To celebrate and kickstart the process, Oracle will host an all-day live event for customers, partners, press and analysts on January 27th, 2010 at 9:00 AM Pacific time, at its headquarters in Redwood Shores, California. Details are available at

One  side Oracle is busy and excited over the merger, Monty, the MySQL founder, is still trying hard on trying to prevent it. After Ellison’s claims, I feel Monty’s concern is nothing but irrelevant. When Oracle says they will invest and innovate heavily in MySQL, they mean it [Will Oracle kill MySQL ? Why they Can’t and Why they Wouldn’t]

With Oracle, Sun would regain the pride. With Oracle getting into hardware business, it will continue to invest, innovate in Java.

Larry Ellison will Unveil Oracle + Sun Strategy at Company Event on January 27th, part of the Hardware side, we already know: Some serious benchmarks that makes IBM look old and outdated.

More to come on this on Jan 27th. Stick with us as we cover more Sun, Oracle, Apple, Open Source, Programming, Tech News @taranfx on twitter and below:

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