Overclock Nook Color to 1.3Ghz, Boost Speaker Volume

nook-color-overclockWe know how much you love your Nook Color, a eBook reader converted to full tablet.  Good news is here, you can now easily Overclock your Nook Color to 1.3GHz+. And boost volume of speaker, headphones as a bonus.

Both the overclock and volume boost hacks come packed in a single app from a xda developer, here’s a list of all the things you get:

  • CPU speed. Total custom CPU speed stepping.
  • Headphone analog gain.
  • External speaker analog gain
  • Separate DAC (digital to analog amp) gain.

From the developer’s notes:

You can also use this app to help get rid of hiss and noise on your headphones. With B&N default settings, one can only turn up the "Android media" volume to 25-35% before its too loud. This means the volume difference between the noise floor and the audio is very small which makes the noise noticeable. The workaround is that you can either lower the DAC volume in this app or lower the headphone analog gain.Its better to lower  the analog gain until you increase the "Android media" volume to 85-90% for comfortable listening levels.
If the external speaker is too quiet you may need to increase the DAC gain. Note that this will also increase the headphone volume so you may need to subsequently decrease the headphone analog gain.

The Nook Color Tweak app makes low level changes in the driver to increase volume helping to ensure that audio quality versus hardware level changes remain balanced.


You need a newer 2.6.32 kernel found in CM7 Nightly 88+ or my(Dalingrin) overclock kernel for B&N Froyo 1.2 and CM7. For CPU settings you will need a 2.6.32 overclocked kernel from 06/09/11 or later.

Get it on Android Market

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