Siri: Effective Personal Assistant App

siri For years, we have been fooled by Personal Digital assistants (PDAs) – the gadgets that practically have not done enough to be called as assistants.

An assistant guides you, books your table at a restaurant, books the tickets, hotel for the place you are travelling to and much more. Well, Siri is not perfect at all this, but does the most quiet well.

A new iPhone application called Siri could be the closest to being called as a personal assistant. All you have to do is tell Siri what you want to do, and it connects you to the right online service to do the magic.

I could begin with saying, “What’s going on this weekend”. and When I’m satisfied with the results like a concert plus a special food night,  it can book them up all for me. And next when I’m travelling, I can say, “Find cheap Hotels near Las Vegas for 10th February”, it would do it all.

Siri is powered by an intelligent Speech recognition engine by Nuance. It gets your voice right provided you speak loud and clear near the mic, a bit better than Google Voice search on iPhone. Siri confirms before it proceeds with an action, so it’s all easy to fix the errors.

At this time, it’s focused on few categories: movies, restaurants, events, local businesses, taxis, and weather for U.S. But the plans are to add more stuff, soon along with support for Android, Balckberry, others.

The current iPhone app runs quite well on iPhone 3GS, but for my trial I used Original iPhone, and it wasn’t bad at all. The best part, the app is free.

You might be wondering, the best assistant and for free? Well, the company plans to make money on the transactions it facilitates with other websites.

Go ahead try it for yourself, you’ll be amazed.

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