Phone calling, sms on iPad 3g

ipad-callingYou can now enable Phone calling on iPad 3G with a simple jailbreak tweak.

Normally, iPad 3g allows internet connection over 3G, but not calls or SMS. Luckily enough, an iPhone jailbreak tweak will soon unlock calling and SMS capabilities on your iPad.

Here’s a demo:

Update: PhoneitiPad Tweak to enable phone calling is now available.

As per the developers:

A hack that will change the game. Can you imagine turn your iPad to a fully functional phone.

With No Special Hardware all what you need is Jailbroken iPad 3G and your iPad 3G will do anything you expect from iPhone… Phone Calls, SMS, FaceTime by Phone Number… ETC

This could have been considered a spoof it had come from any random guy, but because the developers are renown and famous for beautiful mods on iPhone in the past. We are positive about this, and hope to see it sometime soon.

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