Project Tango: Indoor Human-scale understanding of 3D Space, Mapping

Google’s ATAP team has achieved a new breakthrough. The Project Tango takes a step closer towards converging real world with the virtual world. A new combination of hardware and software helps interpret and render indoor dynamics — whether its your room, hall or walkway.


Humans use visual cues to navigate and understand the world around. With our eyes, we estimate size, shape and dynamics of the objects around us.  with almost no effort we learn to use these parameters as we interact with the space and objects around us. Unlike our 3-D vision, Mobile devices even with their cameras fail to understand most of this coz they are limited to 2-D. This gap has be narrowed down by a large margin.

Project Tango aims at giving mobile phones human-scale understanding of space and motion and thus help us navigate indoors easily and more smartly than ever.  With Project Tango you could capture the dimensions of your home simply by walking around with your phone.



Google had been working with various Research labs, Universities to fulfill this dream of Computer Vision (CV). Their new prototype mobile phones are nothing but standard android smartphones with 2 cameras (3-D). The project is pretty much in early testing phase but field trials seem to be very promising. Tango would be able to solve numerous problems like:

  1. Never again get lost in a building. Coz somebody else had that building mapped, you will be able to get feet by feet walking directions.
  2. Google Maps navigation from your chair to the chair in the department X on Yth floor, in the Z building.
  3. Next generation Virtual Reality games: Play hid-n-seek with your favorite Game character, etc.
  4. Coz you walked with your phone at home, the device can already recommend you furniture sizes next time you go for shopping.
  5. Visaully-impaired can walk and navigate inside any building.

Watch Project Tango in Action

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