DIY Open Source PS3 Jailbreak allows Unsigned Apps, Games

sJust days after the release of the PSJailbreak to backup games, an open source PlayStation 3 jailbreak  – PSGroove comes into the picture.

Developed by PS3 game console hacker-modder Mathieu Hervais, and PS3 Hacking community folks, PSGroove open source code requires purchasing a a small silicon chip to jailbreak the PlayStation 3 gaming console. Its is totally a DIY project for the Electronics Hardware geeks.

Note: If you’re looking for “Easy jailbreak”, then this method is not meant for you.

PSGroove aims on jailbreaking PS3 game console is to run unsigned (non Sony approved) applications and  Games on PS3 console.

PSGroove’s source code is available at Github Repository which requires the hardware – Teensy++ USB Development Board with Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR) microcontroller built along with AT90USB key.

And with that code compiled one could even flash it to a Teensy++ USB Development Board ($24) or anAT90USBKEY($31).
Teensy++ is geek’s favorite USB Development Board chip and micro-controller key (ATB90USB and others) that executes the open-source PSGroove code. Teensy++ can do lots of custom USB hacks n Mods including Hacking a PC without touching it. If you plan on working with it, here is some basic stuff from Readme:

This is the PSGroove, an open-source reimplementation of the psjailbreak exploit for AT90USB and related microcontrollers.

It should work on:

…and maybe more.

Although, the first thing that comes to the  mind is piracy, this software is not intended to enable it, PS JailBreak isn’t just about backups and to show the strong emotions associated with the cause, such features have been disabled. Only execution of unsigned third-party apps and games is allowed, which is an attempt to make the system “More Open”.

The PS3 hacking community celebrates its brave attempt to release an open-source version of PS3 jailbreak. However, this might not be up for mass adoption and application since it’s a DIY method. No matter where this project heads, guys back at Sony might be already looking to fix the vulnerability.

Read the full README.

In case you need any assistance, Follow Mathieulh and RichDevX on twitter, the masterminds behind the hack.

Update: These BlackcatUSB boards work too.

Source: ps3wiki.lan.stpsgroove (source code @ github)

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