PlayStation 4 Details, Specs, Features

Sony has finally announced the upgrade for the most awaited PlayStation gaming console: the PlayStation 4. The announcement was made today at a gaming event in New York City.

Sony ditches the Cell processor from PS3 world and switches to x86 processor (from the PC world). The new x86 Processor has 8 Cores.

Moving to x86 is a big & worthy bet for Sony. Most game developers have only access to x86 platform, this step would even enable indie-developers to contribute to PSN games, contents, thereby making everyone’s life easier. This also means that Porting game titles from PS4 to PC (Windows, OSX) would now become easier and way faster than before.

PlayStation 4 Specs

  • It’s essentially a high-end PC hardware with embedded custom Sony Playstation OS
  • Unified CPU & GPU architecture – similar to AMD’s Fusion- but newer, much faster with 170GBps memory bandwidth.
  • CPU: Custom x86-64 8-Core AMD Jaguar processor. 1.8TFlops
  • GPU: AMD next-generation Radeon graphics processor
  • RAM: Unified 8GB GDDR5 memory (shared by CPU, GPU)
  • Drive: Blu-ray/DVD drive, multi-size HDD
  • Connectivity: USB 3.0, Ethernet, Wifi 802.11 A/B/G/N and Bluetooth 4.0
  • Controllers: DualShock 4 controller with a touchpad, share button, lightbar and headphone jack. The lightbar mates with a camera system on the PS4 that allows the console to track the depth (distance away) of the player.
  • Upgraded Eye Accessory: New PlayStation Eye accessory having two cameras and four microphones. Capable of 1280 x 800 video at 60fps, 640 x 400 at 120fps and 320 x 192 at 240fps.

PlayStation 4 Features Overview

  • Seamless downloads, updates: Silent background uploading and downloading, allowing the console to update game and system items in the background even if the main power is off. Digital titles can even be played while they are being downloaded. Processing downloads is offloaded to a secondary processor while main processor renders the gameplay.
  • Social: Stream your play sessions to your friends. Share clips with PSN friends.
  • Personalization:  PS4 and PSN will learn from your likes and dislikes and present items that might interest you more. For instance, if it determines that you’re very likely  to play a digital Game title, it will go ahead and download it in background silently, before you ask it to. This feels awkward, but we’ll know more soon.
  • Cloud Gaming Try and Buy: You’ll be able to instantly play and experience games rendered in cloud. This is great if you wish to try a game before buying or downloading it.
  • Remote Play: Cloud Gaming control from a friend:  With Gaikai’s technology, you can share your gaming session with friends who can then take over the game from you and play your part.
  • Pause and resume on another: You can pause gameplay on one device and resume on other. e.g. Start game on PS4, stop playing and then pick your Vita, your game resumes from the last auto-save point.

PlayStation 4 Exclusive Game Titles

Knack, a graphilicious game was demoed. Knack is an adventure game:

Killzone: Shadowfall:

From the makers Sucker Punch, Infamous: Second Son:

Driveclub (Racing)

PS4 seems to be pushing the limits of gaming with new set of innovative features. However, its not deviating and trying to make gaming console a Home PC, like Microsoft is doing with Xbox 360, 720.

Actual PS4’s photos, pricing and availability are not known yet. Subscribe to us below for further updates.

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