Sony claims PSP2 Graphics as powerful as PS3

psp2Sony isn’t going to let Nintendo 3DS take over the portable gaming.

The next PlayStation Portable will be a high-end portable equivalent of its next-gen home console, with rich games content to match. Sony has told licensees the device ‘is as powerful as the PlayStation 3′.

The PSP2 is expected to arrive within the Q4 period, perhaps as early as October, and includes a HD screen (720p) with twin-stick controls in the familiar ‘brick’ form factor. The point to be noted here is that this may not be actually be an android device, and rather a custom designed embedded gamer like original PSP. Sony might actually shift the focus of casual gamers to Sony XPERIA Play, an android based Gaming Phone. XPERIA play devices are essentially single core devices with some great GPUs. However, its quiet possible that PSP2 is actually an android device with Tegra2 Dual core processor, but nothing is yet sure about the device.

Sony has already been talking to Game developers, like EA, about launch timings and the first wave of games.

Sony is expected to teases these devices at E3, the big gaming conference.

‘PSP2’ would embed better ways to prevent game piracy by using a media format to make sure retail has a part to play in the console’s lifecycle by selling physical software. The device will also provide access to plenty of downloadable content, smaller games and apps via PSN – and maybe even incorporate a phone, but not as a primary function.

The PSP2 is targeting high-end games, and hardcore gamers. Even though the device will not be actually as powerful as PS3 consoles, they would look so on a smaller & lower res (720p) displays.

There are even some rumored PSP2 specs:

  • Forward- and backward-facing cameras.
  • A powerful four-core Cell CPU.
  • A touchscreen in addition to physical buttons.
  • Almost certainly no physical medium for games. Possibly 3G capabilities, though its more likely that the device is wifi dependent.
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