Psystar Game Over, denied from Hackintosh

Apple’s revenge had been bearing colors. Round 2 brought positive hope: all that had escaped from Apple’s control will return back.  And, finally it’s all over. As per the latest upcoming news, the US District Court for the Northern California has permanently forbidden Psystar from selling modified versions of OS X.

The story doesn’t stop there, Psystar is also denied from providing any tools that enable users to bypass the OS X kernel encryption, and / or intentionally aiding anyone else from infringing Apple‘s OS X copyrights in any way. We were expecting that, but date was unknown.

The only open questions were whether the court would include Snow Leopard and Psytar’s Rebel EFI software in the ban, since the lawsuit was specifically about Leopard and Rebel EFI wasn’t the subject of any proceedings. Seems like everything has favored Apple

Psystar has few days left (till December 31st) to comply

“Defendant must immediately begin this process, and take the quickest path to compliance; thus, if compliance can be achieved within one hour after this order is filed, defendant shall reasonably see it done.”

Psystar can still appeal, obviously, but it’s already got its own hefty legal bills and a $2.67m fine to pay to Apple. There’s no hope now.

For Hackintoshers: As Rebel EFI dies, our Snow Leopard guide that leveraged it, dies! But other guides found here still hold good.

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