Review: Driver for iPhone

After the remarkable success of Driver on PlayStation and PC, the GameLoft has decided to bring to the iPhone/ iPod Touch.

I got early hands-on on this game. It’s set for release in later half this month.

I can’t explain how excited I was to try this game. This game reminds me of those days when I first owned a PlayStation in early 90s.

Normally, when a developer writes a game for PC, for an equivalent mobile version, they start writing code almost from scratch, but thanks to the great SDK, this game is a port of it’s original successor, but what’s more surprising is that it’s better than it’s original version.

Driver is  an open-world  driving game, where you’d be the undercover  Transporter getaway guy in a number of crime missions that take place in different cities.

As I mentioned earlier, the iPhone version looks better than the PlayStation title. Actually during development of the game, Gameloft realized that iPhone has more capacity to render graphics than the original that ran on PS. So they decided to upgrade the graphics with new Textures, models. Thats not all, they added hell lot of effects that we find in modern games: lighting effects, Lens flares, and polished environments.

Another upgrade is the music, like GTA via a in-car radio. Changing stations among oldies, rock, and even disco funk music, complete with jingles and announcers is slick.

The core of the game is left intact, not changing the good oold experience. All the missions are  same. What has changed is the two modes of game play: easy and original. The in-game city map has also been updated, and now has a GPS system that you reference. Like many iPhone games, Driver has several control methods. You can choose among virtual joystick and d-pad options, as well as accelerometer-controlled steering.

Here is a Video Preview of the game from Slide to Play:

For new players, do try out the optional test-like driving games inbuilt. There’s not many games like this on the iPhone. The other one which is quiet similar to GTA IV is Gangstar.

I highly recommend this game. The game isn’t out yet, will be available sometime near the end of December. If you would like to get updated as soon as it becomes available, subscribe to us below.

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