Run VMWare on iPad, Android, Browsers [WSX Virtual Machine]

We all prefere native apps on our portable devices, but the web browsers are really becoming more and more capable, thanks to efforts of Apple, Google and Mozilla.

We showed you how you can Run Linux in your Browser, now its time to Virtualize any OS and Run Windows, Linux in browser on any platform.

Its called WSX, VMware’s latest option relies on HTML5 to act as a VMware Viewer, ditching the native apps in favor of the browser. What this means is that you’ll be able to run Linux, Windows on iPad, Android and any smartphone with a large screen and capable browser.

As of now, it works on laptops and desktops running Firefox, Chrome, and Safari, as well as iPads, Android devices. According to VMWare, it will deliver “near-native quality and framerates” when viewing 720p YouTube videos. The good news is for the New iPad owners, VMware is already tweaking it for the high resolution retina display.

WSX is a remote console built using the same underlying technologies as Workstation and Player. It’s also not a front-end for View, it doesn’t have any plans to be anything more than a thin client.

Virtual Machines have always been a great way to work with different operating systems, carry your desktop around with you, and manage lots of servers or configurations. VMWare and Virtualbox have really revolutionized this, but WSX takes it further, by making it accessible anytime, anywhere.

Some use cases of why you might want WSX:

  • You can work on your documents from your iPad from anywhere, knowing your data is safe in your network.
  • Play Windows Solitaire from your iPhone.
  • Confuse people by running a VM from within a browser from within a VM from within a browser from within a VM from within a browser from ……
  • Have your presentation or demo live within a VM so that when your laptop dies at just the wrong time.
  • Run Windows 8 in your VM full-screen on your iPad, so you can confuse everybody.

WSX would get better with time, and more use cases would evolve.

How to Install WSX on Linux [Windows, OSX coming soon]

Get the Workstation Tech Preview for Linux installer. You’ll be asked for a port (defaults to 8888), and then it’ll install once Workstation is installed. Make sure you have the python2.6 binary installed on your system, or it won’t run! Run:

    sudo /etc/init.d/vmware-wsx-server start

After that, you should be able to point your browser to http://localhost:8888/. If you wish to access this VMWARE WSX on iPad, open http://ip-address:8888/ on your iPad safari.

More to come soon. [source vmware]

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