Samsung 70-Inch 3DTV display, 8 Million pixels

Full HD 1920x1080p resolution is no longer a buzz among the latest TVs that are pushing the limits. Apple iMac screens can pack resolutions of 2560×1440 in barely 26″.

To give you an estimate, 1080p packs 2,073,600 pixels and high resolution iMacs have 3,686,400 pixels. But Samsung’s latest 70″ prototype TV can pack much larger number of pixels in its enormous 70″ screen. Its not just about the number of pixels but the impressive part is the technology behind those large number of pixels

Samsung adjusted 8 Million pixels (8,000,000 pixels) “Ultra Definition” 240Hz 3DTV which is several times more than any other display ever made. In order to get them all in, Samsung had to shrink each pixel even for a display of such a large size. Shrinking each pixel means shrinking the transistors that control them, and traditional silicon transistors couldn’t cut it at that lowered size. So Samsung turned to an emerging technology called metal oxide semiconductors.

8 million is enormous knowing the fact that 4K x 2K resolution display would need 8-9million pixels.

Metal oxide semiconductors are not very new, they were used along with some of the OLEDs but they demand too much current for the amorphous silicon used in TFT, so manufacturers use polysilicon instead.

Metal oxide transistors conduct electrons more quickly than amorphous silicon and as the size changes amorphous silicon is slow enough and yet costlier and less transparent.

Other companies like Sharp are following the trend and are using metal oxides for displays. Its just started get even more interesting.

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