ScreenDimmer – Full iOS Backlight Dimmer Control

screendimmerThe native settings app gives you a very basic control over screen brightness and operation. You cannot adjust dim timeout, reduce screen timeout to low intervals, etc, resulting in poor battery management.

ScreenDimmer is a jailbreak mod for the iOS 4.x, iOS 3.x that lets you manage various brightness and backlight settings on your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad.

ScreenDimmer can be customized via the standard settings apps. You can  toggle between settings that let you specify screen dim timeout in seconds, or turn off backlight totally. Like android, you can also chose to keep the screen ON  while plugged-in and even lock the device moment its unplugged. If you’re looking to stretch out a little more battery life from your jailbroken iDevice, keeping the screen dim or the backlight off entirely is a good way to do it.


Features Summary:

  • Can turn the display’s backlight of
  • Dims the screen after a user defined time
  • Doesn’t dim the screen if the battery is being charged
  • Doesn’t dim if an app needs the screen (navigagtion software, video players, .)
  • Option to disalbe AutoLock if device is charging/locked
  • Option to disable lock directly after reboot/respring
  • Ability to exclude apps from dimming
  • Configuration interface in the Settings app

The app costs $2 in the Cydia app store (Bigboss repo) and is worth it if you worry too much about the battery life.

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