Search Multiple Gmail accounts, as you Type

Since the time Google migrated to the new Rocket fast Search codenamed caffeine, it has way more potential left untamed.  And that’s why Google is now various ways of utilizing this horsepower — The latest being “search” as you type.

The feature, which Google confirmed it is testing on a select number of users, goes one big step beyond Google Suggest and provides streaming search results as-you-type.

Search Multiple Gmail accoutns, google Apps as you Type

If you are underwhelmed by what you ‘ve seen,  try this Firefox  / chrome Plugin created by a web startup company CloudMagic, that brings “Search as you type” to Gmail and Google Apps.

After Install, you get a new search box that lets you do things to your wildest imaginations. It allows you to rapidly search for anything in your inbox, Contacts, emails, phone numbers, keyword based searches, with results updating as you type and the ability to preview messages from a thread, without navigating away from your current Gmail page, it all works as a snap.

The first time you install the extension, you will have to giveaway your credentials for allt he accounts you wish to unify and search from CloudMagic. I know, even I’m uncomfortable doing that, but company promises on not misusing it.

The interface is appealing and brings True Multitasking to Gmail. Clean up all the clutter by practically working in a single tab. No longer will you have to open another tab to something extra.

Here’s a sneak peak on how to get started.

Download: Firefox /Chrome Extension

What’s Next with CloudMagic?

CloudMagic has bigger plans going further. They will soon be available with Google Docs, Hotmail, Yahoo & other cloud services.

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