Shoot Long Exposure Photos on iPhone [Light Painting]

Setting the shutter speed is a thing of professional digital cameras and not the ones you expect on phones.

But to capture truly ethereal light paintings and slow shutter shots, you need Magic Shutter. The app is very impressive and lets you do what was not possible on mobile phones earlier.

The app lets you choose among front and rear-curtain sync effects in flash modes. You can achieve blur effects: tails or leads the sharp image. Since its practically not possible to control the shutter speed on iPhone it uses the iPhone’s Video mode with some superb image processing to produce amazing piece of art.

Create art and share.

While the resultant effects are great, the actual output Image would have limited resolution of 720p (iPhone 4). Yeah, that’s truly disappointing, since Apple puts a restriction on video resolution. A better image can be produced if someone made an equivalent app on high-end Android phone. But the app is not bad for $3.

Magic Shutter

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