Should you buy the latest iPhone or wait for the next upgrade

Regardless of whether you use iPhone or Android or Windows phone (assuming that you already use a phone), whenever you plan to buy new phone you will be hounded by this common question. Shall i buy the currently available latest version of the phone or wait for next upgrade?

This is Tech world, there is no such thing as WAIT for next version. Because if you do wait, you’ll just  keep on waiting. There is no end to waiting…

If you are planning to buy a new iPhone and at present you do not use an iPhone. You will not miss anything in presently available iPhone as you’ve not had any taste of iOS previously.However if you do have a tiny idea about the usual iPhone launch schedules, which usually happen during September each year, going by the launch trends, you should wait if your decision is to be made in August. Or even if it is July, if you are a patient one, which obviously you are not, hey you’re buying an iPhone! Why be patient? But if you are taking the decision in any other month, don’t think anymore, go get the currently latest version.

And then there are the semi-educated, semi-deep pocket lot which do have the average to medium knowledge about the iPhone but don’t have the deep pockets to get latest iPhone. What do you do? You do your research and figure out what re the features you are ACTUALLY going to miss buying the previous version of iPhone. I would say nothing much if you are buying one previous model to presently available iPhone. Why? Tech hasn’t changed much during previous year, rather prices have come down as technology is being produced on mass scale.

And if you fall in the already iPhone user lot, and you own just one previous version, i would ask, why do you actually want to buy newer iPhone? isn’t the older version serving the purpose? buy a new case or skin for your phone and give the latest version a skip. Get the next one, start saving for it right away. You have to keep in mind the Apple iPhone launch trends. First they launch an upgrade, then it is followed by “S” version which is a superior version and much better optimized based on user feedback. Then there is the “SE” version which i would call Simply Elegant version.

Now you know the Apple drill, choose wisely..

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