Get SmartRotate, SmartStay on Any Android

How many times has it happened with you that your smartphone rotated the screen (display) when you didn’t intend to?

Mostly, accelerometers are very accurate and sensitive. the same accuracy can become overly problematic. When lying down on a couch with your smartphone or tablet, the screen orients when you don’t intend to.

Android devices have a lot of sensors such like the accelerometer, light sensor, proximity, gyroscope, etc. Is it possible to employ some additional sensors and achieve a smarter way of detecting Rotation? Well, Samsung galaxy S3, Galaxy Note II have featured a handy way to fix this issue with a technology calles SmartRotate. The same idea has been ported into an all new portable android app that works on any android phone or tablet. This app predicts right time to rotate the display and does it without much help from accelerometer.

The app is called GMD Smart Rotate and it makes use of best thing to detect your position: Your face using the front facing camera. It quickly analyzes your face and it’s orientation. The moment it sees your face orienting away from the screen, it will try to match it with the display orientation. It doesn’t stop there, GMD Smart Rotate is packed with features like:

  1. Force apps to rotate (even if they don’t allow to).
  2. Use front facing camera to evaluate your face position and decide if device screen needs to be rotated.
  3. Automatically keep screen turned on while you are looking at it (Full version only). [Similar to SmartStay]
  4. Lock rotation in landscape or portrait.
  5. Set per application rotation preferences (Full version only).
  6. Easy rotation preference access by pressing default Android lock rotation toggle.
  7. Rotation preferences widget and launcher shortcuts.
  8. Clockwise and Counterclockwise rotation shortcuts.
  9. Integrates with GMD GestureControl and GMD SPen Control using shortcuts.

There is one obvious caveat, it would seize to work under low light conditions at front facing camera might fail to see you. However, in ideal conditions, app works as advertised and at times it appeared to be better than Samsung’s implementation, but mileage may vary.

Download from xda thread, of course its free.

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