Snapdragon S4 Quad core, PS3 level graphics

Qualcomm is betting big on mobile processors as they are competing directly against the graphics leader – Nvidia. Nvidia had been doing pretty well with its current generation dual core – Tegra 2 and has shown promised graphics performance with Tegra 3 quad cores, scheduled for year end.

Qualcomm is claiming that its next generation of Snapdragon chips would beat current generation of processors used in gaming consoles like PS3. That’s a big claim, but noting the facts laid out by Sony PS Vita, these look real.

S4 codenamed ‘Krait’ devices would launched by end of the year. S4 would be first 28nm quad core processors and run Adreno 225 GPU – Quad core cpu + Adreno 225 aim to blow away the fluidity of PS3 graphics.

Qualcomm S

There are four new tiers of processor, named S1 to S4. That “S” stands for “System”, with the number referring to how powerful the chip is.

S1 includes standard handsets such as the HTC Droid Incredible and Sony Ericsson X10i, S2 is featured in more powerful phones like the HTC Thunderbolt and LG Revolution, and S3 powers uberphones and tablets such as the HTC Sensation and HP TouchPad.

Portable Gaming & Future

Portable gaming is going to pave the way to future. Already Android and iPhone has together eaten the major percentage of mobile market and they would start interfering with consoles next year. Imagine this – plug your mobile to a TV and use it like a console or wirelessly stream video. If not in a year, you would see this in practice 2 years from now.


2012 is the year of Quad cores. Nvidia Tegra 3, Snapdragon S4, and Intel is jumping in too. Apple isn’t holding back either, iPad 3 (or iPad 4) and iPhone 4 are going to be A6 quad core too.

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