Social Gaming, Google Plus Developer API upcoming

Google Plus has been rocking the hearts of early adopters, making the enthusiasts begging for invites. Google has received a lot of feedback and we are happy to see that Google has already started working on them and we would see changes in Stream thread prioritizations as soon as early next week.

Google would go step further and bring Social gaming platform to Google+, which plans to be better than Facebook’s approach.

Here is the html source of the Google+ that leads us to no doubt that Social Gaming is just around the corner:


“… have sent you invites and more from Google+ Games”

This actually makes us believe that even Social Gaming is already Live and available to select users who are testing in a closed group before it hits the masses.

Google had acquired few social gaming companies, it all makes sense why. “Google+ Games” could be Google’s take on Apple’s Game Center, a social gaming portal. Of course Apple could be a long term rival, but for the moment, its all about Facebook. Facebook had been popular with its addictive games such as Farmville. Facebook, however, doesn’t have a centralized way to manage high scores or even collaborate users at gaming. If Google actually creates one, it could actually succeed, in hitting both the targets.

Developer API for Google+

Developer APIs are coming, it might be in next few days or may be few. As Vic Gundotra, senior vice president of social for Google, told on eof the reporters:

“I’m a developer guy at the core. It is inconceivable I would build something without a platform. We’re just getting started!”

More functions will be definitely be added to Google+, along with tighter integration with other Google apps. Giving developers access to full API might not be a great idea since most of the stuff is itself in alpha stages. IT makes sense that Google builds a mature base before developers start duplicating features, apps.

If they integrate chrome app store kind of stuff to Google+, it might look a lot nicer than Facebook’s spammy approach. We would start seeing Zynga games, along with popular titles like Angry birds and what not.

Google+ is getting strong positive reviews all over the internet and when we talk about GooglePlus vs Facebook, most actually foresee a better future with Google Plus.

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