Social networking Digital Photo Frame by Kogan.

Ever thought if your digital frame can keep you connected to your favourite Social networkign site like Twitter, facebook ? Some people may love the idea!

The rising popularity of Twitter has been one of the Web’s great social media success stories since Facebook first had people skipping lunch breaks to update their status and tag party photos.

Now the trend of micro-blogging updates is shifting from your pc to your garden, kitchen and office desks as adecoration concept.

Imagine you checked a twitpic on the photoframe and found it to be an interesting shot by a friend, and set that as the wallpaper of the day.

If you use twitter for official purpose, this gdget becomes even more suitable for you. Like live updates and syncing from business client now at a single touch.  If you’re using Twitter to keep in touch with friends and family, it would find its own innovative thigns to do.

You never know how popular a gadget might go!.

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  • Anonymous

    Wow, this one is really amazing. I know about that we can mail our photos to some one by digital photo frame. And we can also see the slide show by this one. But Social networking is really looking a unique features. And truly this one is totally new and incredible news for me.

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