Some Amazing facts about Apple

  • Initially Apple laptops had the glowing Apple logo upside-down when the laptop lid is open. Later during 1990’s it was flipped so as to look better in Hollywood movies. The idea initially was that the Apple logo should be facing the right way so that people would attempt to open it from the right side.
  • The Apple-I first sold for $666.66. Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak has said that it was simply because he liked repeating numbers and when the price worked out at $667 he changed it to $666.66 because it was “easier to write”
  • Apple employees often know when a team is working on something new, because a team of carpenters moves into the office and builds walls around their desk.Walls are quickly erected with security doors and transparent windows are frosted. The employee carries on as before in a secure enclosure.
  • Apple CEO Tim Cook is the first and currently only openly gay person in the Fortune 500.
  • Tim Cook has approximately 92,600 people working for him. And the number is growing rapidly: Apple has doubled in size in the last four years, and only had 14,000 employees before the launch of the iPhone.
  • Apple has twice as much operating cash as the US Treasury.
  • Susan Bennett is an American Artist behind Siri’s voice
  • Steve Wozniak still works for Apple inactively and gets a salary of 120,000 USD per annum.
  • Macintosh was named after a variety of apples.
  • Tim Cook offered his own portion of liver to Steve Jobs. Jobs refused accepting it.
  • Steve Jobs once went to a restaurant of his real biological father, Abdulfattah Jandali without any of them both knowing about each other and Mona Simpson, the famous American Author and Steve’s real biological sister i.e. Jandali’s daughter figured that out.
  • Steve Jobs changed his style of glasses after being fired from Apple to match the style of one of his inspirations none other than Mahatma Gandhi (India). He made the switch of his glasses to the rimless Lunor Ideal i 380 model. He also thought of Mohandas K. Gandhi to be the Person of the Century.
  • In Apple ads, the time on the products is always set to 9:41. This was the time when Steve Jobs unveiled the iPhone.
  • If you went back in time to 1991 just to buy the parts that would make an iPhone, it would cost you more than $3m. The RAM alone would cost you around $1.44m.
  • Apple makes their employees work on fake projects until they can be trusted. This may sound bizarre but the people at Apple Inc. take their product privacy very very seriously.
  • Bill Gates is one of the reasons Apple exists today!
  • Apple’s first logo was made by its third co-founder Ronald Wayne

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