Steve is back to Rock Apple. What happens to Cook

The man the legend, Steve Jobs has officially returned to Apple. His return is the most anticipated thing these days int he industry. Its like a Pheonix, which reborns from its ashes. There were rumors that Steve might not return and his descendants like Cook would carry the company on their shoulders.

Apple has confirmed that Steve Jobs is back on the Apple campus and has resumed working for the company he co-founded. According to the The New York Times, Jobs is resuming his duties at Apple.

This was pretty much confirmed that he would join within june and there he is on the last day of June.

Though Steve is back, but still his hours and the number of days he spends in the office are still undeclared. With Jobs back in place Apple fans should be hopeful of new, exciting products as they have being doing over phenomenal last years.

In January, when Jobs stepped away, for health reasons, Tim Cook, COO of Apple, was pushed to be the backup CEO. Cook has been a decent choice to handle the day2day operation of the company but he hasn’t done the same sorts of things Apple supporters are used to seeing Jobs do. Ofcourse, this was never expected that he could replace him.

Tim Cook hasn’t been flashy; he’s been a good manager and kept the Good Ship Apple charted along a steady course. He is a silent and an Introvert. Not a core innovator, but a good people’s manager.

Best example is this month’s WWDC. Aside from dropping the prices on the MacBook Pro line of notebooks, nothing Apple did really sent ripples through the industry. The iPhone 3G S is essentially the 3G with a nitro burst. The iPhone OS 3.0 may be more exciting that the hardware itself.

Cook didn’t even deliver the keynote. That was really Bad! He Let the previous generations of Apple set down!

Apple has been playing it safe under the leadership of Cook, instead of the Falshy Steve Jobs.. And, really, that is not a terribly bad thing – its just a difference in leadership characteristics between the two men.We like one, other one we don’t as much.

But with Jobs back it seems likely that Apple will step out again and play things more innovatively. The iPhone 3G S has, of course, been a hit, selling over 1 million units in its first weekend. By those standards, it is impossible to call it anything less than a success would be incorrect, even though iPhone 3G S has been overheating.

So  Where does Steve Jobs’ return leave Tim Cook?

There is already speculation floating around that Cook may bolt (source CRN news). After all, he has just completed one of the most high profile CEO try-outs in the history of business. Undoubtedly there are a few companies out there that would like to have him run the show.

But it seems unlikely that Cook will leave. He appears to be too good a number two to Jobs. So while Jobs may get the glory, ultimately it’s Cook that keeps the company running ” even if he isn’t flashy.

source: crn

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