Steve Jobs vs. Ashton Kutcher Movie jOBS

Apparently, the legend Steve Jobs would get two documentary movies in his name.

The first one is being produced by Sony Pictures which is technically advised by Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak and The Social Network’s Aaron Sorkin as screenwriter. However, the interesting second movie is by Ashton Kutcher production and is being filmed mostly in Los Altos, California home where Steve Jobs lived, and the garage where Apple began its work.


Ashton’s movie is titled  jOBS. For filming jOBS, Ashton kutcher is in india, where Steve Jobs settled down and developed his interest in Buddhism.

The jOBS movie will shed new light on Steve Jobs’ most defining and personal moments, motivations, and the people that drove him. The movie covers Steve Jobs’ journey of life from youth to the time he became the biggest failure and how it reinvented himself after visiting India and adopting Buddhism.

jOBS covers the 30 most defining years of Steve Jobs’ life, as seen through his, colleagues’, and friends’ eyes. His typical personalities and Egos: Dark sides, honest, and uncompromising and an impressive speech, authoritative attitude  — Everything that had driven Steve to success.

The movie, however, wont’t go by rumors, and rather is based on facts extracted from the Biography and people who knew him well.

On the contrary the Sony pictures’ movie would be driven by Apple co-founder, Steve Wozniak, who knew Steve the best. It would lay stress on how Steve rose from a typical Garage  and became the CEO of the decade, a position most leaders only dream of.

Kutcher’s jOBS has one significant advantage — The resemblance. We were surprised to see how closely Kutcher resembles Steve Jobs. Some images of Kutcher meant to be Jobs earlier in life leaked online not that long ago, and even those had us impressed. The surprise lies in the fact that Kutcher looks just like Jobs throughout his life stages.

Kutcher’s movie has some flaws too. First time screenwriter Michael Whiteley and director Joshua Michael Stern aren’t exactly the people who make a legendary movie of an legendary Tech leader. Lets hope they surprise us.

Kutcher is a Talented actor, but Steve Jobs’ was a better speaker. We’ve to see how well can he match his persona.

In addition to Kutcher,  jOBS stars Matthew Modine, Dermot Mulroney, and Josh Gad (as Steve Wozniak). The movie would release in 2013, delaying from the original schedule of end of 2012.

There could be another stream of movies based on Jobs’ life but all eyes are on Kuther & Sony productions.

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