Stop / Block Tracking by Facebook, Twitter, Google, Advertisers

Facebook’s internet wide tracking had sure raised considerable concerns.

For those who are not aware, Facebook can track your visits and behaviors across sites even though you didn’t sign-in specifically to a visiting page. It can track your likes, dislikes and interests and no wonder what all. It later compiles all the private data and sells to the advertisers. This data is not anonymized by any way.

However, even Google & Twitter track users but its way more anonymized to begin with. Google tracks user’s web history and other behaviors to improve the user experience. This includes determining your interests which actually help refining the search results.

However, you can selectively disconnect from these Tracking services by using Disconnect’s Collusion Tools that work on Safari, Chrome and Firefox and let you escape all sorts of tracking by evil social giant.

Not just that, Collusion blocks all sorts of tracking, not just from Social networks. Collusion gives you a count and graphs of where your data was being monitored: Analytics, advertisers, etc. You can individually have a look at where data is flowing on each of the visited website.

Collusion blocks known tracking sites and show real-time tracking counts now (press the buttons in the dropdown to toggle these options).

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  • Nice Find it’s interesting if nothing else to see how our info spreads and is tracked. By the way I now know by going to this site 23 other sites are tracking it.. 

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