Stream [DLNA] Music from iPhone to PS3, Xbox 360, PC, HDTV

Music sharing and streaming is an essential feature for all mobile devices. Sadly enough, its not default in any of the mobile OSes. Android users have universal solutions using open technologies like DLNA that lets them connect to any other multimedia device, wirelessly with zero config.

AirMusic does exactly that for iOS devices. AirMusic lets you stream Music to PS3, Xbox 360, Windows from iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, painlessly.

AirMusic costs $0.99  and is worth the price since it works with all DLNA enabled hardware. (Mostly all HD TVs, all gaming consoles support DLNA).

To use the app, switch on the receiving device.

  • Xbox users will need to select the Music Library and then the device you’re streaming from.
  • PS3 owners will choose the music icon on the cross media bar and then the streaming device.
  • Other DLNA hardware will have its own process, but the idea behind DLNA is that it handles all the handshaking and protocols – it’s streaming made easy.

Download AirMusic for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch [iTunes]

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