HowTo Stream Videos from PC, Mac to iPhone

Stream videos to iPhoneI had been looking around for a Reliable app that could enable me to Stream all my video collection on the iPhone from PC/Mac.

I ended up trying a number of applications like TVersity, certain webapps, and certain paid apps but, none of them gives you the features I found in addictive app: Air Video

The Key Features of Air Video:

  • Cross-Platform: Available on Both Windows PC and Mac OS X
  • Easy to configure, takes few seconds, IP configuration is optional. Just enter the password and you are good to go. Setup as many computers as required.
  • Native iPhone App: Web apps are good but never as user friendly as Native app.
  • Plays all videos, Live convert: Other Video streaming solutions would only allow iPhone compatible videos, but Air Video desktop Features “Live Convert” That converts your video and streams int he realtime. The Result: Play any video format with minimal delays. You don’t even have to wait for complete conversion, it streams as it is done.
  • Secure: PIN based access. Add only required folders, iTunes Playlists.
  • Stream Over Internet (Beta): This is early feature which lets you stream videos on to the web so that you can still watch your videos, while you are away. At this moment, it is limited to non-NAT based internet access. (Unfortunately, most internet connections are NAT based.)

Without going into  too much detail, let’s set things up. Its as Easy as 1, 2, 3.

  1. Download “Air Video” to you iPhone from App Store and corresponding Server software for PC/Mac from here.
  2. Add folders you wish to share to iPhone and goto “Remote” tab and enable itnernet access and note down the PIN
  3. Enter the PIN in iPhone and you are done.

iPhone app is available in tw flavors: Free and Paid ($2.99). Free app restricts no. of folders and videos.

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