Switch Between iPhone Apps: Alt TAB Multitasking

iphone-multitaskingiPhone does almost everything your wild imagination can take you. But Multitasking is one serious concern.

Some people argue that iPhone opens apps so fast that you don’t need one. Whichever side you may be, “backgrounder” Cydia app had partially-resolved the multitasking part but switching is still the hard part. Don’t worry, here are 2 apps that you would love to use and get that ALT+TAB feel on iPhone.

Note: All these apps require you to Jailbreak your iPhone/iPod Touch

LastApp on Cydia

The name says it all, the last app you will need to make your life easy. The application enables users to conveniently and quickly switch between the last two apps running on your iPhone. Truly the “Alt-Tab” for the iPhone.

The best part,  LastApp supports “shaking.” So, needless to say, one can toggle between two applications by shaking their iPhone. Overall, there are lots of really awesome attributes that LastApp can boast about, including slide gestures. Supports automatic Backgrounding, definitely worth checking out.

The second one, and relatively popular one is ProSwitcher


ProSwitcher is amazing. It is as good as a Taskbar that lets you switch among all the Running that pops-up to your screen by user-defined gestures or even shaking the device.

proSwitcher iphone

That’s my Google Voice running along with Other apps. BTW, GV Mobile+ is great for Google voice.

Apart from these two, there’s Multifl0w on iPhone too, that’s also decent, though bit heavier on resources.

If you use these on iPhone 3.1.3, you will observe significatly higher Free RAM, which makes it even more idealistic to use these apps for multitasking. On my iPhone 2g, iI’m able to multitask 3-5 apps (depending upon their size) and on my bro’s iPhone 3GS, its a monster.

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