Tabs in Leopard, Snow Leopard Finder

It could get messy when you open multiple Finder Windows in Mac OS X. It becomes harder for you to switch and maintain different windows from the Dock.

Option 1. TotalFinder brings bunch of enhancements to the Snow Leoaprd Finder, the most important being tabbed windows. The project is isnpired from Google Chrome, and brings a promise to remove all the clutter.

Right now  TotalFinder is Snow Leopard-only, since it takes advantage of SIMBL plugin support that wasn’t introduced until OS X 10.6. It’s a tiny, easy and quick install

Besides tabs, there’s bunch of other Tweaks too:

  • It can optionally clean up all those .ds_store files floating around your hard drive, and it can also show/hide invisible files.
  • The coolest extra feature is a system-wide, customizable keyboard shortcut to pop up a new Finder window.
  • Keyboard lovers who recoil at the thought of clicking the Finder dock icon to get a new window will love it. This feature is based on one of the developer’s other projects, Visor, which offers system-wide Terminal access.

Option 2: PathFinder

PathFinder works in both Leopard and Snow Leopard.
window. Here are the features:

  • Drop Stack – Freeze drag & drop operations by placing files into a temporary stack.
  • Tabs & Bookmarks –Use the best features of a web browser in your file browser.
  • File List Sorting & Filtering –Sort by folders first, or limit a list of files by name or extension
  • Command Line tools – A terminal right in your file browser that provides a graphical interface to some popular UNIX utilities.

What’s More:

Quick Look support, Use Path Finder as your “Default File viewer”, Subversion plugin, Application Launcher, Size browser, Selection tools, Integrated Stuffit Engine, create and Convert Disk Images, Customize menu keyboard shortcuts

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  • Tabs are really helpful in consuming a very little system processing with a lots things opened at a time. Thanks for sharing the post I like it!

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  • 0845numbers

    I agree. When I'm browsing the web, I have multiple tabs open at all times. It's much easier to navigate and I could see the benefits of having that with my operating system.

    Thanks for sharing

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