Taranfx is now Geeknizer

We are happy to announce the next big thing for the Taranfx blog. We’re re-branding to Geeknizer, with a all new look and feel. With the current change, we would like to raise the user experience to something a lot more smoother, faster and cleaner.

We are still in process of migrating some of the stuff that might have been left unnoticed, and you can even expect changes/improvements in the interface (or even the logo) in the coming weeks. We would be experimenting and taking your feedback as we go along.

What is Geeknizer?

Read it as one word: “Geeknizer” just like Womanizer. Oh yes, geeks desire for more than one technology.

How does it Impact you?

For Readers: Your experience would be improved by a great extent with not just the new look but Richer content, more tech articles. We plan to grow to multiple authors in the near future and it would just keep on getting better and better. Our privacy policy and Terms of service are going to be better than before and would be available soon.

For Advertisers/Partners: This is not going to impact you at all. We’ve taken utmost care in performing a seamless migration with 301 redirects and Google webmaster dashboard in order to transfer 100% of the traffic from old domain to new domain. Our email addresses (at the moment) are same but we would keep you posted of any changes. All your current deals/partnerships with us still hold true and would continue to do so.

Our new Links

Twitter: Follow us @geeknizer. If you already followed us @taranfx, you don’t have to do it, existing followers have been migrated automatically.

Facebook: Since facebook provides no way to migrate fans, you would have to Like us on new Geeknizer Page.

RSS: We still use the same URL for RSS on feedburner but the content is updated from Geeknizer.

We need your Feedback

We look forward to a great new start. All your suggestions/feedbacks would be entertained int he comments section. If you believe something is broken, let us know.


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