TATA DOCOMO – NTT DOCOMO’s Plan to Conquer World, Steps into Indian Mobile Market

NTT, Nippon Telegraph & Telephone, is world’s 2nd biggest Telecom company revenue wise after AT&T. With AT&T Standing at $124Billion, NTT has reached $104Billion, leaving Verizon behind last year with Total Revenue of $97.3Billion.

NTT DOCOMO is a Japanese Telecom famous for it’s most high-end telecom VAS, value added services, is Japan’s premier provider of leading-edge mobile voice, data and multimedia services. With more than 54 million customers in Japan, the company is one of the world’s largest mobile communications operators.

After having winning in Japan, and China’s Invasion, they are stepping into another international Market. Their current step is to capture World’s most Dense Mobile Network – India.

UPDATE: They have launched two Unlimited GPRS plans for prepaid users. So what speed can you expect – upto 26-48 kbps depending on network. Two plans are available, both are cheap.

The Deal goes in partnership with Indian Communications and Steel Giant TATA Group.

Motivated by the Business and Technology Cooperation Committee that DOCOMO and TTSL have jointly established, symbolizes the two companies’ strong partnership and their commitment to the development of India’s rapidly growing mobile phone market.

TTSL plans to launch the GSM service in southern India and gradually expand it nationwide. The southern part has already been covered, now plans to conquer Northern India continues.

TTSL has created significant strengths with its high-quality network and extensive retail stores and customer-service outlets covering nearly all of India, where new subscribers have been surging with net monthly increases of more than 10 million.

DOCOMO, as part of its effort to leverage TTSL’s continued growth and development, is participating proactively in TTSL’s management by providing human resources and technical assistance to help realize improved network quality and the possible introduction of leading-edge, value-added services.

Tata DOCOMO is Tata Teleservices Limited’s telecom service on the GSM platform.

Tata DOCOMO marks a significant milestone in the Indian telecom landscape, as it stands to redefine the very face of telecoms in India. NTT DOCOMO has played a major role in the evolution of mobile telecommunications through its development of cutting-edge technologies and services. Over the years, technologists at DOCOMO have defined industry benchmarks like 3G technology, as also products and services like the i-Mode, e-wallet and a plethora of lifestyle-enhancing applications. Today, while most of the rest of the industry is only beginning to talk of 4G technology and its possible applications, DOCOMO has already started conducting 4G trials in physical geographies, not just inside laboratories!

DOCOMO is also a global leader in the VAS (Value-Added Services) space, both in terms of services and handset designs, particularly integrating services at the platform stage. The Tata Group-NTT DOCOMO partnership will see offerings such as these being introduced in the Indian market through the Tata DOCOMO brand.
Tata DOCOMO has also set up a ‘Business and Technology Coordination Council’, comprising of senior personnel from both companies. The council is responsible for the identification of key areas where the two companies will work together. DOCOMO, the world’s leading mobile operator, will work closely with the Tata Teleservices Limited management and provide know-how to help the company develop its GSM business.

Till date, Tata has heavily advertised their new plans for Mobiles. And they already achieved few thousand subscribers in less than a month which  shows how well DOCOMO brand name is in capturing Indian market. As part of the initial attraction, they have introduced 1 second call pulse which reinforces people to pay per second rather than per minute. So user gets flexibility of paying exactly what he used.

They plan to bring High speed 3G services in coming months. HSDPA, EVDO upto 7.2Mbps is set to launch in 4-5 months. Followed by 4G services which are is tests in Japan, currently.

The DOCOMO’s year-on-year revenue growth is faster than others in the Telecom industry, growing at whooping 11%. Within next 3-4 years, they can easily beat AT&T.

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  • Babu

    Ref # NWK09044015 / NWK09024853 / NWK09016787

    Tata Docomo – a SAD Story at Hyderabad

    9030408396 this # I purchased on July 19th 2009. The same day I discontinued my BSNL service (which was OK). Big mistake!!

    Tata Docomo – a SAD Story

    Tata Docomo – Is “Saste ka maal raste pe” “Raste ka maal saste mai”

    Tata Docomo – Is a “sadak chaap company”

    Tata Docomo team = “Bunch of losers”

    Why am I saying this. My part of the story as follows:

    1) Total top-up / recharge rs 100 (rs 50×2). Balance after over 1 month rs 23.
    Why? Unable to make any out going calls. “Network busy” not a single
    call gets connected let alone Land line or mobiles even 121 does not connect.

    2) If by chance the call gets connected it drops in 10 to 20 sec.

    3) Sometimes I am lucky, the call gets connected and in the middle of the call I get call charges message / balance message.

    4) 9030012345 Tata Docomo CC # cannot get connected using Reliance mobile.

    5) Tried calling 9030000121. Mobile switched off.

    All in all Tata Docomo is in a very very bad experience.

    My suggestion to all out there, do not get carried away with 1p / per sec.
    Its pure BS. As it makes no sense when one cannot make any out going calls.

    I have lost all hopes on this company.
    God bless Tata Docomo customers!!


    Babu Tunk

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  • swapnil

    hey my docomo workin fine.. n the network quality too is good..not only for local but also the std call rates are 1p/sec for the first 27,000 secs..the gprs is also cheap wit 1p/1kb..m very happy with my tata docomo connection…

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  • swapnil

    🙂 docomo launchin unlimited gprs! hope the plans are much more innovative than the previous one..any idea on the plan they are providing???

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    the animation contest of docomo seems to b fun.. bt the reward is said to b 1 lakh rs..i think its the best opportunity that docomo is providing us..

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