How to Tether Nexus One

Nexus one, the google branded Devil, was rooted before launch, so Tethering it wasn’t really far. XDA forums has found a solution which is not hard to work with.

The hack is to inject add-ons pack with a custom kernel, Busybox, Nano 2.09, powertop, dropbear, wireless tethering option, titanium backup and more.

Before you begin: Make sure you that you make a backup first using Nandroid. No one can be held responsible if you land-up in trouble, of course you can seek help from us at twitter @taranfx.

Pre requisites:

Step 1: Flash using the addon over the existing firmware. Don’t wipe!

Step 2: Next, install Wireless tethering, VPNC client, Adfree, N1 Torch, etc as per your will. For  enabling wired tethering, you’ll need to download an app for that from either Android Market, or directly from here.

Tethering is now enabled, checkout our Coverage of Nexus One. Subscribe to us @taranfx or below for more Android Tips, tricks.

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  • However, considering the insane fact that Verizon was charging me 50 dollars per month to get an extra 5 gigs on my “unlimited data plan” just for the privelage of getting those gigs via a smartphone /laptop tether, I am happy to pay the the one time fee to POAnet. It works. It's faster than my satellite internet, and for once I don't feel like I am getting reamed by my Cell Carrier.

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