The In and Out of Jailbreaking

First off, as the name implies, your iPhone or iPad gets free from clutches of Apple iOS. By design and will of Apple, the iPad or iPhone can have only a limited (in comparison to Android or Windows devices) set of features. These features can be accessed only after Jailbreak.

In simpler yet technical terms, Jailbreaking allows you to gain Administrative access to your Apple device, thereby allowing full access to all features of the iDevice, even those which apple does not want you have a free hand with.

You have a free hand to download Pirated versions of the Apps on App Store free of cost and the possibilities are endless, limited only by your imagination.

Jailbreak is not supported by Apple as this affects the performance of the device in a manner which is not advised by Apple. Some of the most common features unlocked by jailbroken devices are:

  • Free download and installation of pirated copies of Apps and Games
  • Overclocking CPU and GPU for exhilarating performance
  • Unlocking real Multitasking
  • iOS tweaks – custom gestures and button tweaks, control center tweaks, etc
  • Custom themes with extreme customization
  • Play all video and music formats on you iPhone or iPad
  • Some popular Jailbreak Apps: XMBC (now named Kodi), Apex 2, iFile, OpenSSH, F.Lux.

Jailbreaking is easy, even your grandma can do it, just follow dozens of video guides available online. But you should have a purpose to jailbreak. Mere jailbreaking to show-off to your friends isn’t going to take you anywhere. You’ll miss out on iOS updates and security patches. There is always a risk of a hack or backdoor being left open for anyone to peak into your device. You can downgrade your iOS, or remove jailbreak, install new update and jailbreak again. Possibilities are endless.

Bottomline, You should jailbreak only if you need it.

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