The Invasion of the Samsung Galaxy S

One of the very recent and most interesting developments in the mobile communications industry has been the release of the Samsung Galaxy S. The introduction of this mobile phone has acted as part of a successful invasion on the smartphone market, and has silenced the voices of many stubborn critics who claimed that iPhone had monopolized it.

The first and most striking characteristic of the phone is its similarity in design to the iPhone, something that could be considered as a considerable contributor to its success. The 1GHz processor runs at an impressive and convenient speed and also matches that of the iPhone4. The screen resolution is stated as being lower than the iPhone, but with Super AMOLED technology the quality is still superb and higher than many other smartphones.

Although it’s a fairly debatable and subjective area the weight of the handset can determine whether a customer will buy or not. The Galaxy is considerably lighter than the iPhone, but to some this can seem cheap and fragile.

With regards to memory the Galaxy does match the iPhone with a potential 32GB of space, but unfortunately this option only comes with the purchase of an external memory card, compared to the built in memory of the iPhone.

It is the uniqueness of the technology that separates this phone from the iPhone models and other smartphones. Samsung has taken an individual approach to their product but applied design ideas and software concepts that they know to work. The combination of these two things has led to the development of an attractive product that really offers itself up as a good quality phone.
Now, More recently, Galaxy S has brought the interest to Google to chose Samsing as their official partner for nexus Series. The popularity came as a result of brilliant Hummingbird processor and a great GPU for gaming.

Nexus S is essentially an upgraded version of Galaxy S and has reimaged Samsung’s position in the Android.

The largest obstacle for Samsung was exposure of their product and the comparison of their reputation to that of Apple and iPhone. The iPhone’s reputation seemed to many to be the most secure in the smartphone market and in many respects it is, but through matching the capabilities of the iPhone and its design structure Samsung have provided an honest alternative to the Apple technology.

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