Top 5 features – iOS 11

While we have been covering latest updates and features in OS across platforms, Of-late however, these upgrades come more in numbers rather than actual major updates. There are Small updates and there are Big updates. Most of the Smaller updates contain a few bug fixes and few added features.

This is not what the latest Apple iOS 11 update is about. Its about bringing in a new approach in iOS user interface. Developers have put in their hearts and souls in the latest iOS update. They have gone far and taken bigger risks to bring-in an upheaval in the overall experience.

Here are the Top 5 features that are of interest in the new iOS 11

Visual Appeal – The new iOS brings a fresh feel to the set of things on iPhone and iPad. It is simply full of so many different things. First thing you notice is the Bars at the top, completely overhauled! The fresh new icons for popular default Apps like Calculator, App Store, iTunes look new and carry a flt material feel. The screen wake animation is super smooth and is noticeable on the new iPhone 8. The fonts are super smooth thanks to the dense pixel rich Retina Display. The new multi-tasking swipe in apps is silky smooth.

Screenshot galore – When you take a screenshot on the iPhone 8, it comes floating to the bottom left of the screen and stays there for the user to either ‘Save’ it as it is or even ‘Edit’ by highlighting stuff, etc. You can encircle the objects on the captured screenshot to make them stand out. Whats more exciting is that you can take multiple screenshots and all stay floating in memory of the phone, till the time you decide whether to save as it is or edit before saving. These screenshots are swipe-able too.

A faster Siri – Lot faster than ever before. The new overhauled Siri on the iOS 11 is noticeably faster by seconds. And it slightly more accurate with answers. Siri is fast and thats the way it is..!

New design App Store – Similar to what Play Store did last year, App Store has got a massive makeover. Its a major upgrade in terms of the user experience. So many new designed panes, swipe-able Featured cards. App icons and posters in Sections looks very pretty. Too much eye-candy added onto the App Store.

Functional Control Center – A fully functional with more customization than ever before. Swipe down from top and get blown away. That is precisely how a new user will feel when they swipe up the Control center from bottom. Apart from few standard buttons, you can completely customize Control Center as per your needs. Control Panel can be filled with as much stuff as you like and it goes full screen fit all into it – Toggles for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Airplane mode, Media Controls, Brightness, Volume, Rotation, DND, etc. It is a welcome change.

The iOS 11 literally has tonnes of small improvements. One more noteworthy feature is the new volume control, it is way better what it used to be.

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