Top 5 Tips & Tricks – Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL

Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL really live up to the “best phone yet” status. They actually surpass flagship phones offered by the competition in most categories. Pure Android experience on Pixel series is the thing to have over the bloated custom ware offered by other Android phones. Google Pixel 2 is the only phone that has Google branch Hardware and Google brand software. Giving tough competition to iPhone flagship series that has Apple brand hardware as well as software.

Now that you are the (proud) owner of the Google Pixel 2 or Pixel 2 XL, here are the Top 5 Tips & Tricks that make you a Pixel 2 Champion.

1. Unlock the dark mode

The Android 8 running in the Pixel 2 has a secret dark mode hidden away in the settings. Trust me, its not that easy to locte on the phone, unless you are determined to find it. And if you thought it would be tucked away safely in the Display or Screen settings, you are mistaken.

In order to activate the Dark Theme, first you need to apply a “dark” wallpaper with a long press on a blank part of the home screen and then selecting “Wallpapers”. Marvelous marble wallpaper, available as one of the options under the category “Living universe” is one of the Dark wallpapers available by default. As you select this wallpaper for both Home and Lock Screens, you’ll notice the App drawer and quick settings pane have turned dark. Viola! You got Dark themed!

 2. ‘Now Playing’ history

I’m pretty sure if you are the types that reads or watches online reviews before making purchase, you must have come across the ‘Now Playing’ feature on the Google Pixel 2. It is a small snippet that sits on the top of App Drawer and lock screen. It identifies music playing in ambiance and shows Song and Artist details. Something similar to the Shazam App, only this time the feature is in-built within Android OS.

Here is where your knowledge of ‘Now Playing’ feature stops and education begins. Go to Google Play Store and search for “Now Playing History” App. Get the App and you’ll get full archived history listing out all the Songs that your Pixel 2 identified. You can even launch songs on your music player.

3. ‘Always-on display’ Can be put off

Although the feature utilizes just an iota of your phone’s battery, still you may want to turn it off and avoid your phone to look like a Casio digital clock. Pixel 2 actually has this unique feature owing to Android 8 and its sleep AMOLED screen.

Always-on can be modified to completely off or even turn-on only when the phone is lifted or even Double tapped. Head over to “Settings > Display > Advanced > Ambient display”and change the option to your liking.

4. At a Glance widget

Not to go unnoticed is the Google Pixel 2 exclusive feature, that shows Weather, Calendar, etc in a widget. This widget can be customized to show only the selected info instead of flooding the user with useless bits of info.

On home screen, Long Press on blank part and select “Home Settings > At a Glance” and you’ll get to make a choice among the options available.

5. Tweaking the HDR+

Google Pixel 2 simply owns every camera benchmark out there. The gem of the Pixel 2 camera is its HDR+ mode. And it is extremely customization. If you are a photography nerd, and have fetish for all kinds of Trial and Error approaches to digital photography, this feature is for you. For the novice photo enthusiast, Google has enabled auto-everything in the camera app, all auto things can be turned off to have full control on filters and settings.

How to do this? Head over to the Camera app and select “Menu > Settings > Advanced”. Throw the HDR+ toggle switch to On and get the HDR+ functionality on the main camera shooting screen. Tap that new button and you can manually turn HDR+ off or on for each picture. The option labelled “HDR+ on” is actually an auto mode, while the “HDR+ enhanced” forces the HDR+ tech to be used.

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