Torrent Trackers Block, Ban uTorrent

In case you are wondering why ain’t your uTorrent Bit-torrent client is running slow and /or not connecting to some Trackers, there’s a good reason to read on.

Last month uTorrent 2.0 was released with much awaited features.  One of the biggest changes in the new uTorrent is uTP, the ‘micro transfer protocol’. The response was good, but few evangelist, as torrentfreak reports,  strongly disagree with the move.
uTP is a new and improved implementation of the BitTorrent protocol which is designed to be more network-friendly as it will throttle itself if congestion is detected in the network. the intent was to improve and  eliminate the need for ISPs to throttle BitTorrent traffic and would let users get over the slowdown of other web applications.

How successful is uTP in eliminating congestion is still a matter of discussion. According to some owners of private BitTorrent trackers, uTorrent is no longer playing fair. Since uTorrent users are the only ones using the new protocol, uTorrent favors its own kind over other clients. What this means is that that when connecting to other clients, uTorrent users will give preference to other uTorrent users, behavior that some have declared as ‘unfair’.

As a result, several private BitTorrent trackers have refused to put the newer uTorrent releases on their whitelists, effectively banning the client and forcing their users to stick with the older versions.

Simon Morris, BitTorrent’s VP of Product Management admits that the tracker owners have a point, but says that it is very hard to innovate without having to face such technical downsides.

BitTorrent Inc. has opened up the specifications of the uTP protocol and hosted a conference in their San Fransisco offices a few weeks ago to discuss uTP in detail with developers of some of the most popular Bittorrent clients. According to Morris, other popular client developers have shown interest in implementing uTP into their own applications.

Widespread support for the new protocol would of course be the easiest way to get rid of the unfairness allegations, but uTorrent’s major competitor Vuze has no plans to support uTP in the short term.

So far, only a few private trackers have decided to ban uTorrent and there is no word on how long it would continue. So for the meantime moving to other clients like Vuze makes alot more sense till the issue is resolved.

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  • Moran

    Instead of promoting a new technology, tracker owners hamper it by blocking.

    Hmm, kind of like what the various media industries are doing…

    Fucking idiots – what's so “unfair” about innovation? How can you cry about outdated copyright laws and at the same time protest against better sharing technologies?

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